I am not a photographer, but I like having fun with a camera. I am a writer who dabbles in a lot of forms of media (basic websites, amateur photography, simple graphic design and the dying art of more complex newspaper and supplement design).

I started as a journalist way back in 1981, then tried a few other things from 1982 to 86 – including compulsory military service (a medic, can you believe?), working in a photography shop, studying commerce and IT, and being a river guide – all of which was great fun and gave me time to canoe a lot. Then I returned to fulltime journalism at The Natal Witness, until I left to try and train full-time to make the 1992 Barcelona Olympic team (the fact that 1992 was probably my worst season as a canoeist may just indicate that full-time sport was not for me).

After that, as I approached 30, I decided I needed to get serious about earning a living and joined The Natal Mercury (as it was called then) and got married to Louisa and became Sports Editor and then Pictures Editor.

With two wonderful children, Liam and David, I started and ran my own media company for about 15 years, wrote a book, and then another, and rejoined Independent Newspapers as the Group Sports Editor – and wrote a third book about my new love, mountain biking (and yes, you can love more than one thing).

But, with a new owner who I did not agree with (and who, it seems, did not agree with me), I took a retrenchment package from Independent Media … because, as a 50-something, has-been media man, I clearly did not fit into their plans to modernise the company. They wanted to take Independent Media into the digital age and, well, I was too old to change I guess.

So, as Independent Media tries to become digital, I have restarted my company, Sports Wrighte (as in “I write sports right”  … geddit) and have included some digital forms of media in my offerings – digital news, digital media, digital photography, digital animation, digital graphics etc. It is obvious I am too old to learn digital!

Tim Whitfield